About Onyxum

Welcome to Your Leading Hospitality Provider

At ONYXUM we strongly believe in quality and care. Inspired by the many breathtaking global destinations our clients travel to, we have made it our mission to partner with the finest in the hotel and hospitality industry. We believe that travel should be an unforgettable and luxurious experience: from distinctive hotels to elite spas and guesthouses, ONYXYM can make your travels more enjoyable and memorable.

Furthermore, we can arrange your accommodation for multiple travel destinations just as well as for a single one. Our goal is to deliver convenience and premium services you can trust and depend on. If you are planning a trip, leave it to us to help start it off right!

ONYXUM was founded in 2018 with the goal of becoming the premier global platform for high-end hotel and vacation accommodations. Our expertise and innovative methods allow us to find exceptional accommodation for each of our clients.

With our dedicated approach to hospitality and our understanding of travel preferences, we deliver intuitive solutions and keep our promises each and every time.

Travelling is about creating lasting and memorable experiences; accommodation is a significant part of that experience. Without knowledge of the best resorts and finest hotels, your dream travels could end in complete disappointment.

ONYXUM was created to ensure every choice of accommodation extends beyond your wildest dreams. We have worked hard to create dependable and verified partnerships with various accommodation providers across the globe.

Our Business Model

Simply provide us with the travel dates and details for your holiday and we will provide you with a unique list of hotels best suited to your needs. From travels with your children to romantic getaways, reach out to us and allow our intuitive consultants to work their magic for you.

Multi-destination Hotel Packages

You choose where to visit and ONYXUM suggests the BEST HOTELS to select from! We aim to make travel easier by providing a detailed listing of the various types of verified accommodation providers that we have partnered with on a local and international scale.