COVID-19 Update

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To the Onyxum family,

At Onyxum, we’re doing our best to help to employees, affiliates and customers stay safe by keeping them informed about the recent outbreak of COVID-19.

According to the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak, available on the WHO website and through your national and local public health authority, the following measures will help you to take care of your health and also protect others during this difficult time.

Wash your hands frequently
Washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub kills viruses that may be on your hands.

Maintain social distancing
When someone coughs or sneezes they spray small liquid droplets from their nose or mouth which may contain virus. If you are too close, you can breathe in the droplets, including the COVID-19 virus if the person coughing has the disease. So, maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) social distance

Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
Hands touch many surfaces and can pick up viruses. Once contaminated, hands can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth. From there, the virus can enter your body and can make you sick, so avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.

Practice respiratory hygiene
This means covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Then dispose of the used tissue immediately.

Stay home
for your protection and that of your teammates, friends and family we strongly recommend that you limit your visits to the affiliates’ offices to only emergencies and instead stay at home and work online.

Stay informed and follow the advice given by your healthcare provider
National and local authorities will have the most up to date information on whether COVID-19 is spreading in your area. They are best placed to advise on what people in your area should be doing to protect themselves.

We hope that the world will overcome this tremendous challenge soon and we will continue growing together with even stronger steps.

Stay Healthy!
Your Onyxum.

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