1. What services does Onyxum offer?

Onyxum is an online platform that offers multi-destination hotel package memberships via Network Marketing. Online shopping is fulfilled and sold directly on and can be accessed through an Onyxum Affiliate.

Onyxum Affiliates offer high-quality hotel accommodation to consumers and are compensated via two different marketing plans (Direct Selling and Binary Plan). The more product sales they generate, the more compensation they can earn (Direct Selling). Many also choose to develop their business by training other individuals who also recognize the great value of Onyxum Products and Services, wish to promote them and create a revenue stream by doing so (Binary Plan).
2. What does it mean to be an Onyxum Affiliate?

In the simplest terms, becoming an Affiliate means that you can promote a product or service and if eligible, be compensated whenever a sale is made.
3. What are the requirements to become an Onyxum Affiliate?

To become an authorized Affiliate capable of promoting Onyxum Products and Services offered through or by Onyxum, an applicant must respect the Terms of Use, be 18 years of age, complete and sign the Affiliate Agreement and pay the Annual Subscription Fee which covers the maintenance fees for the Onyxum account. This fee is at Onyxum’s cost and is not rewardable or refundable. For more information, please read the Affiliate Agreement.

4. What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing or Multi-level marketing (NM or MLM) stands strong as a multiple distribution plan for selling products. A distribution plan lays out the details of how a certain company gets its products into the hands of its customers. Multi-level marketing involves strategies that not only make it easier to distribute products from producers to customers but also, provide revenue streams for their customers.
Multi-level marketing is a marketing strategy where profit is theoretically derived from different revenue streams:
1. From direct sales to customers (Direct Selling plan)
2. From compensations based on the sales of downline customers, also known as downline distributors.
Onyxum is currently using both means: direct selling plan and binary plan (which is considered a distinct kind of downline distribution).
5. How does Onyxum know that I referred new customers?

At the time of registration, you will need to choose an Onyxum Virtual Identification code (VID) or a unique username. Anyone who wants to enjoy the Onyxum services will have to be referred to the website by an Onyxum Affiliate. No one can register online by themselves unless and until someone refers them. So, whenever you refer someone, they can gain access to the site only through your VID code. A record will then be kept of each purchase that is made through your account and you will be compensated accordingly.
6. What is Direct Selling?

Direct Selling is the marketing and selling of products directly to consumers away from a fixed retail location. Modern Direct Selling includes sales made through one-on-one demonstrations and other personal contact arrangements.
7. What is the Binary Plan?

It is a multilevel organizational plan in which new customers are introduced into a binary tree where each “node” or new customer of the organization has 2 downline sales branches – each one constituting a leg (or a side). When an Affiliate has referred two individuals, any additional ones are placed at levels below the first one. This system can also encourage collaboration among different individuals as they may all mutually benefit from extra sales. The primary limitation, however, is that Affiliates must “balance” (in terms of sales points) both sides of their downline legs to receive compensation.
8. How does a binary plan work?

A binary plan has two sales legs. Affiliates must “balance” the accumulated points on both legs in order to receive rewards. Balancing legs typically requires that the number of sales from each downline leg constitutes the same amount (this will be further explained).
At Onyxum, Affiliates are introduced into a binary structure where each new entry into the organization creates 3 new “placements” called: Top Volume or A, Left Volume or B and Right Volume or C.
9. How is compensation determined and given at Onyxum?

Through the Binary Plan, compensation is determined by the number of accumulated points: every time both the left and the right side of a Placement become 5VP, 200 E-Wallets will be credited to your Onyxum account.
Through Direct Selling, the compensation amount varies depending on the sold package. For more information, please refer to the Shopping section of your Homepage.
10. What is VP?

VP stands for volume point. Each Onyxum product/service is assigned a predefined point called VP.
11. What is an E-Wallet?

An E-wallet is one of the official means of payment in Onyxum. An E-wallet is equal to American Dollars in terms of its value (fees may be applied in some countries).

The E-wallet reward system works like a points card. A points card is a loyalty or reward card allowing the cardholder to receive discounts or rewards. Loyalty cards are structured marketing strategies designed by merchants to encourage customers to continue shopping at or using the services of businesses associated with each program. These programs are used in various fields such as banking, entertainment, hospitality, retail, travel and more. Loyalty programs have been described as a form of centralized virtual currency - one with unidirectional cash flow since reward points can be exchanged into a good or service but not into cash. Therefore, the greatest difference between E-Wallets and points cards is that it can be exchanged with its equal monetary amount.

Please note that any Affiliate who wishes to exchange their E-Wallets to their equal monetary amount is solely responsible for such a transaction.
12. What is an Onyxum account?

It is a highly-secured database system consisting of individual Onyxum username (VID) accounts where E-Wallets are deposited.
13. What if my right has 10 VPs and my left 0 VP?

You will not get any compensation until your left side also gains at least 5 VPs.
14. What is the pay leg?

The leg with the fewer points is called the pay leg.
15. What is the potential leg?

The leg with more points is called the potential leg.
16. How many times will I get a reward?

For each 5 VPs accumulated on both sides (10 VPs total), you will get a one-time credit of 200 E-Wallets.
17. What are the various business ranks?

There are 3 different business ranks for each placement:
    •    Normal Rank: every Affiliate will get a Normal Rank upon registration.?
    •    Professional Rank: given to Affiliates who achieve a minimum of 100 VPs/week on each side (totalling a minimum of 200 VPs) during 4 consecutive weeks. Gaining the Professional Rank means an Affiliate has achieved the second rank of business activity as defined by the Onyxum compensation plan, and who consequently, becomes eligible for greater opportunities but also bound by additional responsibilities.?
    •    VIP Rank: given to Affiliates who achieve a minimum of 200 VPs/week on each side (totalling a minimum of 400 VPs) during 4 consecutive weeks. VIP Rank means an Affiliate who has achieved the first rank of business activity as defined by the Onyxum compensation plan, and who, consequently, becomes eligible for greater opportunities but also bound by additional responsibilities.?
18. What are the benefits of reaching each rank?
    •    Normal Rank: being compensated with a 5-4000 E-Wallets /week?
    •    Professional Rank: being compensated with a 4001- 8000 E-Wallets /week?
    •    VIP Rank: being compensated with an 8001-12000 E-Wallets /week?
19. How much compensation does a typical Onyxum Affiliate receive?

Please note that compensation depends on the Affiliate’s efforts, marketing method and business activity and that typical participants are representative of the smallest range of compensation earned by over 50% of the participants in the binary plan. Based on the period between June 2019 and June 2020, a typical Affiliate received between a total of 0 E-Wallet and 1000 E-Wallet.

20. Can my Onyxum account expire?

Your account will expire after 25 years. Also, to keep your account active and to maintain access to it at any time, you must simply pay the annual subscription fee of 15 USD.
21. Why is there an annual subscription fee of 15 USD?

Our platform uses the most advanced technology to provide the best service to our users. In order to maintain quality and service, there are many parties involved. For example, to secure your information and your genealogy on your profile, two steps of security levels have been set: Comodo SSL and Cloudflare. Aside from security matters, the speed and capacity of the servers are very important to give customers a pleasant experience while using a platform that does not cause any delays or timeouts. For this purpose, the Onyxum platform runs on the Cloudways servers. Furthermore, there are always maintenance, updates, and third-party APIs on the platform to improve the services. These costs are calculated and shared with the users equally in the form of an annual fee; therefore, the company does not make any profit from these fees.
22. Are there any other methods of payment for purchases?

Onyxum methods of payment for purchases include cryptocurrencies, bank wires and E-Wallets.
23. I forgot my password, what should I do?

Click on the “Forgot Password” under the login button and enter your username and email. An email will be generated and sent to you with the steps you must follow to reset your password.
24. I tried to retrieve a new password through the “forgot password” but was unable to do so. What should I do?

It could be due to the fact that you have incorrectly entered your email address. Please double check your email or send a request to [email protected] containing your Onyxum username and attach your documents such as your NIC, passport and/or any relevant information to prove that the account belongs to you. The customer support will provide you with further assistance.
25. What measures should I take to protect my password?

In order to guarantee the privacy and safety of all our Affiliates, Onyxum applies enhanced security features to all Onyxum accounts.
These new enhanced security features include:
Secure password policy:  we are offering a password policy that encourages Affiliates to use stronger and more secure passwords. Our password strength meter will help you create a stronger password.
Account activity monitoring: we have implemented a monitoring system that scans for, blocks and notifies about any suspicious or malicious activity on any Affiliate account.
If a login attempt is made into your account from an IP address we have never seen associated with your account before, you will be notified by email with instructions on how to confirm whether you indeed accessed the account from that IP or not. If an attacker tries to guess your password, after 3 unsuccessful login attempts, your account will be locked for 15 minutes.
Two-factor authentication (2FA): it provides an additional and important security layer. We strongly recommend activating the two-factor authentication to better protect your account.
26. How do I enable the two-factor authentication (2FA):
1. Download the google authenticator application on your smartphone (available for both IOS and Android devices).
2. From a desktop or laptop computer, log in to your Onyxum account, select two-factor authentication from the left menu bar and click enable.
3. You should now see a QR code. Open the google authenticator application and scan the code using your phone.
4. The google authenticator application will generate an access code that you must enter on the Onyxum website to access your account. You will need to generate and enter an access code every time you want to login.
27. What is a Transaction Password/code (TC)?

It acts as a 2nd password; that you can set during registration. With this function, transactions will only be undertaken upon entering a correct TC.
28. What should I do if I find out that my account’s password has been changed by a third party?

Immediately send an email to the support center at [email protected] They will provide you with further assistance. 
29. How does the cancellation of a purchase by a client affect Affiliate compensation?

Adjustments for cancelled services are founded on the fact that Affiliates receive compensation based on completed and non-cancelled purchases through Onyxum. When a purchase is cancelled:

If the company authorizes a full refund, all bonuses and compensation - from both binary and direct selling plans - attributable to the cancelled service(s) will be deducted 2 weeks after the refund processing. There will be a deduction from every following pay until full recovery of the reward and bonuses from the Affiliate.
If the company authorizes a partial refund (70% of the full purchase amount), only binary bonuses attributable to the refunded service(s) will be deducted 2 weeks after the refund processing. There will be a deduction from every following payment until full recovery of the bonuses from the Affiliate. The direct selling reward, however, will not be deducted.
 30. When are rewards paid?

The business week for the calculation of accumulated points begins on Sundays at 00:00:00 am EST (Eastern Standard Time) and ends on Saturdays at 11:59:59 pm EST. The payout depends on the Affiliate’s type of binary program:
Subscription Program:  The rewards will be remunerated 2 months after the calculation period described above on Sundays at 3:00:00 AM EST.
Loyalty Program: The rewards will be remunerated on the first Sunday following 2 weeks from the calculation period described above, at 3:00: 00 AM EST.
31. What is the difference between the Subscription Program and Loyalty Program?
The subscription program is assigned to Affiliates who registered with Onyxum by paying the annual subscription fee and signing the Onyxum Agreements. The Loyalty program is dedicated to Affiliates who, in addition to the aforementioned criteria, also purchased product(s) and service(s) from Onyxum.
32. How can I send a request to Onyxum?
Simply go to the "Ticket" section in the left menu and click on "New Ticket". You must then,
A- Title: Specify the subject for your request.
B- Ticket Category: Select a category.
There are 4 different categories; please note that requests must be assigned to the related category otherwise there will be no response.
    1.    Technical Support: Response will be provided within 48hrs.?
    2.    General Inquiries: Response will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.?
    3.    Talent Training: Response will be provided within 48hrs.?
    4.    Booking: Response will be made within 3 to 4 business days. Please note that this category has been designated to respond to your questions and inquiries. For new hotel reservation requests, please click on Booking in the main menu. ?
C- Write your request in the content section.
D- If you need to send a file, use the file section.
E- Click Send.
Our specialists will then do their best to help you and respond to your inquiries within the mentioned time period.
To follow up with your support request, go to the "My Tickets" section. There, you can see if a support agent has sent you a reply or not. If you want to answer, you can reply right away and the entire conversation will be consolidated in one place. This will allow greater efficiency and ease for you to access all conversations with just a few clicks.
For each issue or ticket, there are three different statuses:
1- RED: Waiting for the operator’s response
2- YELLOW: Waiting for the User’s reply
3- GREEN: The issue has been resolved
All your support requests will be saved on the platform for as long as you maintain an account with Onyxum; you will, therefore, never lose any information or conversation and will be able to access them at any given time.