Income Disclosure 2021 – 2022

Onyxum prohibits any IBOs from making representations relating to compensation to a prospective participant without fair, reasonable and timely disclosure of the compensation actually received by typical participants in the plan.

Typical participants 

Typical participants are representative of the smallest range of compensation earned by over 50% of the participants in the plan. Based on the period between May 25th 2021 and May 25th 2022, a typical IBO in Onyxum received between a total of 0 to 200 E-wallets.

Table 1: Onyxum Income Disclosure for *All **Active IBOs (May 25th 2021 – May 25th 2022)

IBO (%)

The Compensation received (***E-Wallet)

22.22 0-25
6.34 26-50
11.11 51-100
15.07 101-200
9.12 201-300
7.14 301-400
3.57 401-500
2.77 501-600
3.17 601-700
1.58 701-800
1.38 801-900
1.19 901-1000
7.93 1001-2000
2.97 2001-4000
1.19 4001-6000
1.38 6001-8000
0.19 8001-10000
1.58 +10000

* The above Income disclosure is international. In Canada, the compensation likely to be received by Typical Participants is between 0 to 200 E-wallets

** IBOs are considered “active” when they have paid their annual renewal fee; and they or their downline team sold at least 2 hotel packages during May 25th 2021 – May 25th 2022.

*** An E-wallet is one of the official means of payment in Onyxum. It is similar to a points card; however, the critical difference is that an E-wallet can be exchanged or traded. An E-wallet is equal to American Dollars in terms of its value (fees may be applied in some countries).

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