100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

All Onyxum Packages are backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to us.

When a customer requests a refund within the specified guarantee period for an Onyxum product or service, the following refund policies may apply:
    •    Full refund: if the request is made within 10 days of the purchase date, the customer will receive a full credit E-Wallet.
    •    Partial refund: if the request is made between the 11th day and the 45th day of the purchase date, the customer will be charged a 30% service fee.
    •    Before 45 days of the purchase date: the customer can extend the refund period by paying a preset fee on a monthly basis for a maximum of 3 months to extend the partial refund policy.
    •    The fund will be transferred to the user’s Onyxum account within 24 hours via Ewallet.
    •    Customers may be asked to submit a purchase receipt to be eligible for a refund.
    •    The refund policy will not be applicable if the customer has already booked their hotel accommodation.
    •    Refund will be proceed through E-Wallet

Refund procedure:
    1.    Log in to your Onyxum account
    2.    Go to the main menu and click on my package
    3.    Choose the package for which you want a refund
    4.    Click on refund
    5.    Enter your transaction code (if applicable)
    6.    Go to your email account and open the email you have received from Onyxum
    7.    Click on Refund (This is the last action that finalizes your refund and cannot be undone.)



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