Direct Url Feature


Direct URL feature!

In the next 48 hours, Onyxum will release a new exciting feature that will help to acquire new users much easier: Direct URL!
This feature allow users to create a unique link for each position in their genealogy and share it with the prospect customers.
Just log in to your account, go to Genealogy, find a free position and click on the Add button. then you will be presented with two options:

1- Add here: Selecting this option, will lead you to the old familiar steps.
2- Copy URL:  Copy the unique personal URL provided here and share it with anyone you want using email or Telegram message or normal Text Message. The costumer then will be able to open the link and register easily. He / she will be positioned exactly where you wanted them to be.

So with the new feature, there is no need to sit with the new users and fill out the registration form together! The costumers can be far away and you just need to provide them with the URL and maybe the E-Wallet.

Here at Onyxum, we work really hard to make our platform more professional everyday, if you have any suggestions feel free to contact us.

There are lots of more new exciting features that will be launched in the coming weeks, so stay tuned and keep up the good work.



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