Onyxum Second Anniversary

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Out of concern for the well-being of all IBOs and customers, Onyxum has decided to not hold any events or seminars during the Corvid-19 pandemic. However, to celebrate Onyxum second anniversary with all of our members, Onyxum has some great surprises for you! 

Starting from November 1st, our IBOs can enjoy different bonuses and/or promotion for a duration of 4 weeks ( November 28th). Here are our gifts for you:

    1.    5% additional credit will be offered for the Capital Packages. (for example a Silver Capital Package provides 525 worth of credit instead of 500$)
    2.    10 extra E-wallet for each VP Direct Sales payable to the referrers.
    3.    10 extra E-wallet for each VP Indirect Sales payable to the sponsor of the referrers.

The reward will be paid in accordance with the type of plan you are using ( Subscription Plan or Loyalty Plan).

Here is an example:

During the promotion period, Jack sells a 1 VP package to Mary and then Mary sells a 5 VP package to a new customer. Here is what extra Jack and Mary will earn:

Jack will receive 10 extra E-wallet for Direct Sales to Mary plus the Direct sales Reward.
Jack will receive 50 extra E-wallet for his Indirect sale ( Mary’s Direct Sale)
Mary will receive 50 extra E-wallet for Direct Sales to her new customer plus the Direct sales rewards.
And finally Mary and her customer will receive an additional credit of  5% if they purchased one of the Capital Packages.

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