Onyxum Statistics 2020

Onyxum prohibits any affiliates from making representation relating to compensation to a prospective participant without fair, reasonable and timely disclosure of the information about compensation actually received by typical affiliates in the Onyxum rewards plan.

Table 1: Onyxum Statistics for Active Affiliates (June 1th, 2019 to June 1th, 2020)

Affiliates(Percentage) The Reward Received (E-Wallet)
85.98 0-1000
6.18 1001-2000
2.65 2001-3000
1.06 3001-4000
1.06 4001-5000
0.41 5001-6000
0.29 6001-7000
0.29 7001-8000
0.23 8001-9000
0.05 9001-1000
1.76 +10000

Approximately 63.23% of affiliates were active.

Affiliates were considered active when their account was active and they attempted to make a sale, or received reward.

Typical Affiliates:

Typical Affiliates are representative of the smallest range of compensation earned by over 50% of the participant in the plan. A typycal Affiliate in Onyxum would be someone who earned  0 to 1000 E-wallet between June 1th 2019 and June 1th 2020.

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