Onyxum Statistics

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Onyxum Statistics


The following data illustrates the actual compensation received by Onyxum IBOs during the last 10 months:



Table 1: Onyxum Statistics (October 2018 – July 2019)


IBOs (%)


The compensation received ($)



























In Onyxum, no IBO shall make any representations relating to compensation (1) under the plan to a prospective participant in the plan unless the representations constitute or include fair, reasonable and timely disclosure (2) of the information within the knowledge of the person making the representations relating to compensation actually received by typical participants in the plan (3).


Representations Relating to Compensation (1):

A representation relating to compensation is any statement, declaration or image that conveys a message about the compensation a person could expect to earn as a participant of an MLM plan. A representation relating to compensation is not limited to a dollar figure or monetary range, but may also include: representations about obtaining, as a result of compensation under the MLM plan, luxury goods such as vehicles, jewellery, watches, homes and vacation destinations (this could include images of such luxury items, where the general impression created by the context in which the images appear is that the items can be obtained as a result of compensation under the MLM plan); promises of opportunities to earn bonuses, commissions and other financial rewards; profiles of individuals who have been unusually successful in earning money in the MLM plan; similar representations as those above that are made in testimonials; and testimonials from people who claim that, as a result of compensation under the MLM plan, they were able to improve their quality of life, quit their jobs or eliminate all their debts. 


Fair, Reasonable and Timely Disclosure (2):

·       In order for disclosure to be fair, reasonable and timely it must: 

·       be accurate; 

·       be clear (e.g.: of an appropriate size and in a legible font, if written; at an appropriate speed, if oral; and presented in a comprehensible manner); 

·       be presented in close proximity to any other representation relating to compensation (e.g.: on the same page of a written document; or immediately before or after the representation in an oral or audio/video presentation); 

·       have similar prominence to other representations (e.g.: not buried in a footnote); 

·       relate to compensation of typical participants (defined below); 

·       include a description of the amount of time and effort that would be necessary to earn a particular level of compensation under the MLM plan; 

·       ensure that prospective participants learn what a typical participant would earn in a year; 

·       be available to participants (and prospective participants) looking for information about compensation levels; 

·       and be updated.



Compensation actually received by typical participants/IBOs in the plan (3):

Typical participants are representative of the smallest range of compensation earned by over 50% of the participants in the MLM plan.


Compensation actually received by typical IBOs in Onyxum:

According to the Table 1, a typical participant in Onyxum would be someone who earned between $26-1000/10 months since this range represents the fewest levels that include more than 50% of the participants in the MLM plan.

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