Product Terms of Use



1.1 11007858 Canada Inc. ("us", "we", or "our") operates the website as well as the Onyxum mobile application and offers Multi-Destination Hotel Packages around the world. Each package consists of a set of different destinations and durations offering the right of occupation in hotels ranked up to 5 stars within the predefined country/ies. Onyxum offers various means of payment to its Customers including but not limited to E-Wallets (defined herein) and cryptocurrency. Information about other means of payment for the purchase of Onyxum Products and Services is available on the Website (defined herein).

1.2 Multi-Destination Hotel Packages are subject to the Product Terms of Use set forth herein.

1.3 Product Terms of Use stated herein constitutes the agreement between Onyxum and its Customers.

1.4 Onyxum may revise and amend the Product Terms of Use without prior notice.

1.5 Failure on the part of either of the parties to exercise or enforce any right conferred by the Product Terms of Use shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any such right or operate so as to bar the exercise or enforcement thereof at any time.


“Independent Business Owner” or “IBO” Onyxum packages are sold through a network of IBOs who are each an independent distributor of Onyxum’s products and services. Online shopping is fulfilled and available directly on through an Onyxum IBO.

“Onyxum Products and Services” means all products and services, including Multi-Destination Hotel Packages available by Onyxum to IBOs and/or Preferred Customers.

“E-Wallet” is one of the official means of payment offered by Onyxum. It is similar to a point card, with the difference that E-Wallets can be traded in case an IBO doesn't want to use them themselves. E-wallets are equal in value to American dollars (fees may be applied is some countries).

 “Customer” or “Preferred Customer” means a non-IBO who is an end-user of products and services offered through or by Onyxum.

“Product Terms of Use” refers to the terms of usage of Onyxum Multi-Destination Hotel Packages contained herein.

“Website” means the Onyxum Website

“Annual Subscription Fee” means the yearly fee required for the maintenance of the Onyxum virtual office, payable within the year of entitlement.

‘‘Multi-Destination Hotel Packages” means hotel accommodation packages offered by Onyxum.


3.1 There are different types of Multi-Destination Hotel Packages that can be purchased on the Onyxum Website.


 Table 1: Credit based Multi-Destination Hotel Packages














Total Nights


Number of Room(s)


Max Capacity




1. Capitals





Credit Based


Credit Based


Credit Based





2. Silver Capitals





Credit Based


Credit Based


Credit Based




3. Star Capitals




Credit Based


Credit Based


Credit Based





4. Golden Capitals





Credit Based


Credit Based


Credit Based





5. Platinum






Credit Based


Credit Based


Credit Based











Credit Based


Credit Based


Credit Based




** Only Countries which are a Member of the WTO (Worldwide Trade Organization) are included in the Worldwide Packages.

3.2   Details of these packages are also available on the Onyxum Website.

3.3 An individual is considered as a Customer of Onyxum Multi-Destination Hotel Packages once they purchase a Package and receive an Email containing their Onyxum Multi-Destination Hotel Package’s Receipt.

3.4 Multi-Destination Hotel Package usage is subject to the Product Terms of Use and other rules, regulations, policies and procedures that Onyxum may, at its discretion, adopt from time to time. Onyxum may amend the Product Terms of Use at any time without prior notice. Onyxum has the sole discretion to interpret and apply the Product Terms of Use.

3.5 Onyxum reserves the right to amend the prices, types and availability of the Onyxum Multi-Destination Hotel Packages without prior notice.

3.6 Suggestions are comprised of hotels ranked up to 5 stars, depending on the following factors:

  • Purchased package
  • Booking time range: some hotels may not be available during high season or major holidays in the destination country.
  • Destination: the variety of hotels available in the destination country

3.7 Customers will be able to book the hotel reservation 3-4 weeks after the date of purchase.

3.8 Transaction Fees: There will be a 3% transaction fee for payments through Digital Currencies and 15 USD for payments through Bank Wire.

3.9 Capital packages (Table 1) cover capital cities; however, in some countries, other cities may be included.

All Capital packages include almost every country that is a member of the WTO and include different options depending on the hotel brands and customer's choice. Here is an example for the Silver Capitals Package:

3.9.1 Customer options for low-end hotels:

6 nights 1 room, 1 to 2 persons or
3 nights 2 rooms, 2 to 4 persons or
2 nights 3 rooms, 3 to 6 persons or
1 night 5 rooms, 5 to 9 persons (depends on room availability).

Customer options for high-end hotels:

4 nights 1 room, 1 to 2 persons or
2 nights 2 rooms, 2 to 4 persons or
1 night 4 rooms, 4 to 8 persons (depends on room availability) or
1-night, 1 Luxury suit, 1 to 2 persons.

3.9.2 The number of rooms may vary depending on the season and availability of hotels and rooms.


4.1 Each of the Onyxum Multi-Destination Hotel Packages is valid for a specific period of time from the date of purchase.

4.2 The validity of each package can be found in Tables 1 , on the Product Receipt or on the Website.

4.3 In the event that a customer fails to pay the Annual Subscription Fee, the Onyxum ID and account will be suspended until the Annual Subscription Fee is paid.

4.4 If a customer pays the Annual Subscription Fee six (6) months or more past the expiry date, the customer must pay a penalty equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the current Annual Subscription Fee.

4.5 If the customer fails to pay the Annual Subscription Fee for two (2) consecutive years, Onyxum may cancel the Contract and the account will be closed. The customer may reactivate their account with Onyxum at a later date provided that the Annual Subscription Fees and penalties for all the years since the cancellation until the re-subscription have been paid. 

4.6 The current prices are valid from January 1st, 2021 to January 1st, 2022. Prices are subject to change thereafter.


Customers must send a Booking Request 3-4 weeks before the date of departure containing the preferred time, location and room type(s). Furthermore, you must complete the reservation and the occupancy before the expiry date of your package. After 2-3 business days, the customer will receive a list of the available hotel(s) for that period of time and location; shortly after the customer confirms their choice, Onyxum will send the hotel voucher.

5.1 All reservations are subject to availability and are strictly on a first-come-first-served basis.

5.2 Each reservation has a unique set of conditions imposed by the relevant hotel and available on the hotel’s website which must be agreed to prior to confirmation.

5.3 The Customer must agree to carefully review all the terms and conditions on the hotel websites.

5.4 In some destinations, the Customer and their guest(s) may be asked to pay additional taxes or surcharges imposed by the local government of the city/country. These charges may or may not be made known during the point of reservation.

5.5 Once a reservation is booked and confirmed, it cannot be modified or cancelled unless stated otherwise.

5.6 When the package is valid for more than 1 year and the Customer does not use all the yearly nights they are entitled to in one of the years included in their Package, the rights to those nights will roll over for only one additional year. Rollover must still be within Package Validity and will, therefore, not apply to nights included in the last year of the Package. Please note that you can use the previous year’s roll-over nights of your package only after the current year’s available nights have been entirely used.

5.7 No refund will be given for no-show(s), early check-out(s) and/or non-utilized night(s).

5.8 Hotel accommodation:

5.8.1 The check-in and check-out time may vary from one hotel to another. Customers can find such details on the hotel voucher provided by Onyxum.

5.8.2 The primary guest must be at least 18 years of age and present at least one government-issued ID at the time of check-in.

5.8.3 The age limit for children may vary from one hotel to another. Further details can be obtained at the time of reservation.

5.8.4 The Customer and their guest(s) shall be personally liable for payment of all personal charges derived from the use of the hotel products and services. Personal charges may include but are not limited to:

i. Charges related to the use of the telephone incurred by The Customer and/or their guest(s)

ii. Charges for the consumption of food and beverages incurred by The Customer and/or their guest(s)

iii. Any incidentals requested by The Customer and/or their guest(s)

iv. Any special services or supplies related to the occupancy of accommodation units or the use of other benefits

v. The cost of replacing or repairing any damage to the accommodation unit, common furnishings, or the common areas due to loss or damage caused by the Customer and/or their guest(s)

vi. Any charges or expenses incurred as a result of negligence or intentional act by the Customer and/or their guest(s)

vii. The cost of additional services contracted by the Customer and/or their guest(s)

viii. Any charges, costs or government taxes and fees which have been clearly stated as not being included as part of the reservation. The collection of these charges will be due and payable at check-out and must be guaranteed by a credit card pre-authorization or cash deposit - whichever is requested by the hotel accommodation operator during check-in.

5.9 Each room can accommodate 1 to 2 guests unless stated otherwise. 

5.10 Onyxum only offers accommodation services; meal plans are, therefore, not included in the packages. The availability of breakfast and/or other meals depends on the hotels’ amenities and services.

5.11 A maximum of two reservations can be made during a single year (starting at the time of reservation and ending in 360 days). For more requests in a single year, if granted, there will be a 20 USD fee for each additional reservation. 

5.12 Travel Advisory:

5.12.1 Customers and their guest(s) are solely responsible for ensuring that they have valid travel documents such as passports and visas. 

5.12.2 Prices for Onyxum Multi-Destination Hotel Packages exclude personal/travel insurance, visa fee (if required), room service, optional tours, tour guide and/or driver tipping and all personal expenses.

5.12.3 Customers and their guest(s) must strictly comply with the terms and conditions of the hotels.

5.12.4 Reservations during Peak Seasons and major holidays in the destination city are limited or unavailable. During such periods, hotel prices usually increase substantially; therefore, a certain package usually cannot cover the additional fees required for the selected dates. In this situation, Onyxum offers 3 different options:

  • The client can choose to continue with their reservation but the options - if any - that can be provided will most likely be of lower quality than those offered during off-season periods. ?
  • Depending on the destination, a high-quality hotel could still be offered but the client would need to pay the difference in price in order to book such a hotel.?
  • The client can change the reservation dates and select a period after the high season (specific to the destination of choice) in order to book a high-quality hotel, without any extra charges.?

5.12.5 In some small cities where the number of hotels is low, hotel options may be limited or there may not be any availability. Customers are advised to send a booking request to check the availability of hotels at the chosen location at least 4 weeks before the desired date of travel.


6.1 When a Customer requests a refund within the stated guarantee period for an Onyxum Product or Service purchased through Onyxum and/or referred by an IBO:

6.1.1 If the request is within ten (10) days from the date of purchase, the Customer will receive a full refund;

6.1.2 If the request is made between the eleventh (11th) day and the forty-fifth (45th) day from the purchase, the Customer will be charged a thirty percent (30%) fee.

6.1.3 After forty-five (45) days from the purchase, the Customer can extend the refund policy by paying a predefined fee on a monthly basis for a maximum of three months.

6.2 There will be no refund if the package is being utilized in part or full.

6.3 Refund procedure:

  • Log in to your Onyxum account
  • Go to the main menu and click on my package
  • Choose the package for which you want a refund
  • Click on refund
  • Enter your transaction code (if applicable)
  • Go to your email account and open the email you have received from Onyxum
  • Click on “Refund” (This is the last step that finalizes your refund and cannot be undone.)

6.4 The refund will be deposited to the Onyxum account in E-wallets within 24hrs.







Extension Fee




1. Capitals





2. Silver Capitals





3. Star Capitals





4. Golden Capitals





5. Platinum Capitals





6.Premium Capitals





7.1 The rights to use the reservations included in a package can be given to first degree relatives (A first-degree relative is one's child, sibling or parent) by paying a fee equivalent to 10% of the reservation price for each reservation. The package is, however, strictly NOT FOR RESALE or for other commercial purposes. (Minimum fee amount is 10 USD)


8.1 Onyxum has the sole discretion to terminate or suspend all Customers’ rights in the case of a breach of any of the provisions set out in this Product Terms of Use.


9.1 Exchange rules cannot be applied to used packages.

9.2 The time limit to request an exchange for 1-year validity packages is 180 days and for packages with more than 1-year validity is 360 days.

9.3 A 20 USD exchange fee, as well as the price difference, will be applied in order to exchange a package.

9.4 Multiple packages cannot be exchanged for a single package (e.g. three 1-VP Packages cannot be exchanged with a 3-VP package).

9.5 Exchanges can only be made with the packages with the same VPs. For instance, 1 VP to 1 VP, 3 VP to 3 VP etc.


10.1 Onyxum shall not be liable in damages for any delay or default which is caused by conditions or events beyond its control, including but not limited to natural incidents, pandemics or epidemics, governmental restrictions, terrorist attacks/events, continuing domestic or international problems such as war or insurrections, strikes, fires, floods, work stoppages, embargoes, and/or lack of materials.